6 large small prefabricated houses

by Thomas Grant
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1-Honomobo container homes

Shipping container conversions can be low-cost, efficient ways to build a home. They can also be overly spartan. Honomobo Shipping Container Homes combine the savings of a traditional container build with a clean, modern aesthetic. They come in several sizes and configurations, from the 208 square foot HO1 to the three-bedroom HO4+, all while offering conveniences like floor-to-ceiling glass, quartz countertops, plank flooring, and spray foam insulation that can combine with a rooftop solar system to drastically reduce your home’s energy use.

2-Heijmans one

Pre-fabrication means the Heijmans ONE can be realized fast and placed within a day. Is the definitive building construction about to start? Then the house can be easily transported on a lorry to the next destination. This way, temporary use becomes very sustainable again. Besides the circular use of Heijmans ONE, the homes are also extremely energy-efficient thanks to the solid wooden skeleton, the all-electric use and generation of own energy.