Folding 18m2 beach-flat sleeps 5, feeds 10 + cocktail terrace

by Thomas Grant
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To maximize an 18 square-meter apartment (194 square feet) for a family of 3, Ángel Rico designed transforming furniture to accommodate dinner parties for 10, game nights for 7 and sleeping for 5. In the Catalan beach town of Coma-Ruga (70 km south of Barcelona), every square meter counts so Rico created all-in-one walls of furniture that pivot and unfold to change the use of the one-room depending on need: from living room to dining room to bedroom to game room, etc.

Even the bathroom is maximized: the “guest bedroom” (a lofted bed accessed by ladder) is now tucked above it and clothing closets are built into the door so the loo converts into a changing room when the door is closed.